Freedom to criticize proves very expensive

The author questions Tuncay Özkan’s decision to sell the KanalTürk Channel to the Koza group – a group which has been supportive of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP). Millions of secular Turks took the streets and their numbers were dismissed as insignificant by Prime Minister Erdoğan. Özkan’s channel capitalized on this gaffe by starting a “how many we are” movement on his channel: hundreds of thousands of viewers called in to a special telephone number that was advertised on the channel to show their solidarity with the secular protesters. Özkan’s line of defence is that had he not sold his channel, it would have been shut down by the Finance Ministry. What did he get for the sale? The author of the article says it’s some 40 million dollars.

Article: Freedom to criticize proves very expensive
Author: Yusuf Kanli
Publication: The Turkish Daily News


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