Debate over creation of Federal Investigation Agency in India

India Today has a piece by Sandeep Unnithan1 about the debate over the creation of a central agency to investigate all terror-related crimes. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh argued for the need for the Federal Investigation Agency days after the Jaipur blasts and complained that plans for its creation had been stalled because states were reluctant to surrender power to the central government. Critics argue that agencies created after crises have not had a good record in India:

Yet, the fate of agencies created after crises-the National Technical Research Organisation set up after the Kargil War and the Joint Intelligence Task Force after the 2006 Mumbai blasts-has led experts to question the creation of a new agency.

“It will be sensible and economical to augment and empower an existing organisation like the IB than create a new one,” says Ajai Sahni, Centre for Conflict Management.

1 Unnithan, Sandeep. “Elusive Agency”. India Today. May 22, 2008.


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