The two faces of Zardari

I have a feeling that the members of the press have given up trying to glean any meaning from Zardari’s contradictory statements and are simply amusing themselves finding appropriate facial expressions to match the tone of his interview of the day. Here’s the picture that was on the top of the “Musharraf is a relic of the past” story in The News– angry, crazy Zardari:

The News, May 23, 2008

“So like my little daughter Bakhtawar would say, if you move, I move”1

Today, a Daily Times column reporting more conciliatory statements by him features a happier (but still kind of crazy-looking) Zardari:

The Daily Times, May 25, 2008

“Making the impossible possible is the job of a politician”2

1 “People want govt to throw out Musharraf: Zardari.” The News. May 23, 2008.
2 “PPP Has Working Relationship with Musharraf: Zardari.” The Daily Times. May 25, 2008.


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