• Dawn, Karachi in the wake of violence
  • hah JI urges govt to call in Army (also urges MQM and ANP to quit provincial ruling coalition)
  • Chief Minster of Sindh smooths over fight between MQM and ANP on the floor today

    When an MQM MPA, Adil Khan, raised an issue about the use of bulldozers in Gadap to ‘displace’ people to make room for “Pakhtoonabad”, it was expected that it would trigger what it eventually did. Well done, Mr Khan. We hope you have achieved whatever it is you wanted to – perhaps some importance?

    An ANP legislator, Amanullah Masood, almost predictably, raised a counter issue of Pakhtoons being displaced from “Urdu-speaking areas” and said that a campaign had been launched against them in Karachi.

    Before you knew it, an uneasy shadow began to descend on the house; the galleries were getting disturbing flashes of the ethic riots of the 1980s. You almost could hear the collective apprehension in the house. The word on the street became reality on the floor of the house.

  • A few weeks old, but Saleem Shehzad, the exiled MQM leader who was implicated in the famous Major Kaleem case in 1991 that preceded Operation Cleanup has returned to Karachi.
  • the government asked MQM to join the federal cabinet again
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3 responses to “Karachi

  1. Rabia, it’s good to see you’re posting again. Thanks for the links!
    BTW, what happened to your posts from May to November?

  2. Thanks for adding us to your blogroll. We really appreciate it.
    On the issue of ethnic riots, i have to agree with you that leader of both parties use such incidents to gain some personal benefits. They have nothing to do with the citizens and it will only benefit our enemies. I am myself a Pashtun but i will never dare to point a gun at my Pakistani fellows and hence i fail to understand how they can use the name of Pashtuns to commit such crimes against their fellow Muslims. Caste stands no where in Islamic society and hence a true Muslim will never use it as an excuse to kill any one else.

  3. Rabia

    I do agree with you that the stated reasons for the riots (threat of talibanization), although a legitimate concern, imo, are clearly being exploited by MQM for its political gains wrt to federal cabinet negotiations, one-upmanship over ANP and Sunni Tehreek etc. otoh, I do understand the need for MQM to display its force but I think in this case it might end up being counterproductive. What I’m really worried about is how weak ANP is looking while this is going on.

    Thank you, I inadvertently deleted them while switching servers!

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