Good article over at Pak Tea House by Shaharyar Ali about all the problems Pakistan faces and the amount of denial that is going on in our society. One problem of particular interest to me is the gradual death of the ANP:

The Oligarchy’s refusal to resolve the Nationalist Question has pushed Pakistan to the limit. The disillusioned Pakhtoon Nationalists are joining ranks of Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Asfand Yar Khan is loosing legitimacy fast in Pakhtoonkhawa because nothing promised to him has been delivered yet. On the other hand a vicious campaign by Oligarchy against ANP is going on. Targeting Pakhtoon population in Karachi by a party with close ties to GHQ is yet another pressure tactic to discredit and break Asfand Yar Khan. How long ANP can withstand the rapidly growing deep resentment in Pakhtoon population living across both sides of Durand Line and keep insisting on doing politics of federation, [ANP opposed other nationalist parties position of converting Pakistan into a loose confederation of nationalities and on this issue didn’t joined PONAM. It kept supporting a strong federal system with genuine provincial autonomy] is a matter I leave to history. But if ANP stopped federal politics it will be a tragedy similar to Awami League’s.

It always comes back down to crushing provincial autonomy and shoving Islam down our throats.

Two more disgustings examples of how our military establishment and their minions in the media see everything in terms of the great India-Pakistan conflict are the reaction to the bombing outside the Shia Imambargah in Peshawar today and the ongoing violence in Karachi. Forget that the NWFP sectarian divide (PDF link) is a bloody, ongoing mess. Forget that Pathan-Mohajir relations in Karachi have been at a breaking point for months. Just blame it on the RAW agents.


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