incapable of learning

From the discussion on a thread about Pakistan raiding a LeT near Muzzafarabad. Emphasis mine:

Even if it wasn’t used against Mumbai it still needs to be shut down. It’s a banned organization, and hence as much as an enemy of Pakistan.

I personally prefer Hizb-ul-Mujahideens operations. They’ve never veered out of Kashmir and they attack only the Indian occupation army. They even have Hindus fighting with them and some of the Hindus have even reached local unit commander levels.

The LeT isn’t in our control. Their sister organization, Jaish-e-Mohammad is an open enemy of Pakistan and regularly bombs Shia mosques inside Pakistan. I think since Mualana Azhar was released by India, the Jaish hasn’t attacked India at all, but has attacked Pakistan. These two organizations need to be shut down.

You see, after the Marriott Bombing I thought all these defence realists, supporters of our military establishment, first line of defence, all that would realize that blowback is an inevitable consequence of arming and training ANY religious militia in your own country to carry out attacks on another. But now I see that Pakistanis are like… the stupidest of the two dogs (or was it rats?) in my psychology 101 elective textbook. The one that doesn’t learn when he sees the other dog being electrocuted and doesn’t even learn when he is being electrocuted.


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