aftermath of Lashkar raid

Christian Science Monitor:

Along the Grand Trunk Road, where trucks rumble past tea stalls and bakeries, there is only sympathy for Jamaat-ud-Dawa. “The Jamaat-ud-Dawa have their [school] here, they don’t do anything wrong, they’re a big part of this town,” says Mazhar Ali, a carpenter whose shop overlooks the main road.

“Everyone would take to the streets in protest if anything happened to them,” he adds.

Yet across Punjab, the news of this weekend’s raid is already having an effect. In the main Jamaat-ud-Dawa office in Lahore, an official acknowledges that the government has asked it to lower its profile. In Muridke, six men gathered beneath a Jamaat-ud-Dawa flag, collecting blankets for victims of an earthquake in Balochistan, are packing up. They have already received the orders: Remove the flag.

But they hope it won’t be for long. “Our work, our jihad, our preaching won’t end,” says Abdul Hameed, a Jamaat-ud-Dawa officer. “We will continue our work for as long as we can.


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