discussion of Mumbai attacks, breaking up of Pakistan, etc

  • An interesting comment thread on which a lot of Pakistanis speculate about who is behind the mumbai attacks. The side that thinks the ISI/military leadership was involved is best represented by the commenters Plato, mibrahim and FahadAfridi. The other side that thinks it was a false flag operation by Hindus is best represented by nota. Almost everyone on that side is of the school of thought that this was a joined US-India-Mossad operation to break up Pakistan.

    By the way, the interesting thing about the break up Pakistan theory is that most such comments begin with something like this: “The breaking up of Pakistan is well under play. All the major players — Altaf Hussain, ANP, Zardari — are in place” etc. So basically, the usual suspects are the major non-Punjabi politicians. It’s quite obvious that the Punjabi middle class, which traditionally supported the army through everything but supported the lawyer’s movement and PML over Musharraf is now feeling so insecure with regards to the Indian threat that it is flocking back into a strongly pro-military, anti-Indian stance.

  • A funny interchange on this comment thread over at Teeth Maestro:

    Comment by Vijiith on December 10, 2008 @ 2:39 am

    A very good article but the problem with pakistan and its society is that everything suggested above will remain in future tense. Soon we will be having 10 new things that pakistanis should learn and practice, then again we will have 20 things that pakitanis shouldnt have learnt, done and practiced. The problem is that the fault lines in Pakistani society have exacerbated to such an extent that it will only take a Herculean task to fix pakistan and precedents to which exist none in the recorded human history. Even if you fix pakistan the cost of fixing it and the time line of fixing it will have to be debated by the world as Pakistan alone cannot fix it self and the cost will be beared by its neighbours and the world.
    Comment by Patriot on December 10, 2008 @ 3:01 am

    @ Vijiith: Let me guess, you want to live in Jinnahpur right? you’re one of those …. 😛
    Comment by Vijiith on December 10, 2008 @ 3:10 am

    Sir, It doesnt matter where I live but you certaily live in Faujistan and that is the reality.

  • Another really funny exchange (I guess if you’re not miserable, you can’t be an Indian muslim):

    Comment by Syed on December 6, 2008 @ 11:59 pm

    Being a Muslim and a proud Indian I don’t agree with Mr. Freidman’s this article. But I completely agree with his analysis of differences between Muslims in India and Pakistan. A single line summarizes that, When a muslim kid in India sees a mansion he tells his father, one day even I would live in a mansion like this and when one in Pakistan sees a mansion, he says, one day I will destroy this mansion.

    Mr. Friedman has visited Pakistan and India several times and is aware of situation. I had pleasure of listening to him couple of times.

    Muslims in India will have a great life if Pakistan and other Islamic countries leave them alone. Whether its 93 riots in Mumbai or Gujarat riots all were started after Pakistan sponsored act of terror. I am angry with Hindus who killed Muslims in Riots but I am more angry with Pakistanis who enacted 93 Mumbai blasts or Godhra incident.
    Comment by proudpaki on December 7, 2008 @ 3:36 am

    Syed, i doubt you are Indian Muslim, or even Muslim. To put your mental state in little order, this example is only enough that in Pakistan Muslims don’t burn hindus and Christians and rape nuns. If Pakistani so called extremist Muslims were really extremist, they would have killed Pakistani hindus first, because it would have been soft target then going in India and killing them. Same as Indian coward hindus kill Muslims time to time. Don’t tell us how peaceful you are as most of Pakistanis watch bollywood movies to kill sometime not to believe that india is as lovely and peaceful as it appears in these movies.

    with regards to Zaid Hamid, I am really glad that you guys are doing very well job to promote him, because he wasn’t that popular before you indians start bashing him, and since the speak what most of Pakistani thinks, his voice should be heard across, and you guys are helping us out. Thanks for that.


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