He did a show on what?!

So Talat Hussain, my favourite reporter, who has reported from places as far off and dangerous as the Torkham border and Bajour and has interviewed Taliban commanders like Maulvi Omar and Gul Bahadur did a show yesterday on the deleterious effect of Indian cinema on Pakistanis. Yup, that was the topic.


3 responses to “He did a show on what?!

  1. tehseen

    one can make a mistake now and then. Even wonderful journalists like Talat Hussain. However, I do feel he is getting too intense with the Indian allegations.

  2. n

    What happened to the Sonu Nigam post?

  3. Rabia

    hi n,
    I kept editing it because I felt like I wasn’t saying what I was saying properly. Finally I saved it as a draft.

    It’s nice that people are reading the blog so carefully! I will try to put it up again after work today.

    best regards

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