For my part, I am happy to stand by Samuel Johnson when he wrote in his Introduction to the Political State of Great Britain: “It is unpleasing to represent our affairs to our own disadvantage; yet it is necessary to show the evils which we desire to be removed.”

From Irfan Hussain’s latest column in Dawn.

It’s a relief to turn to what he writes after slogging through the hundreds and hundreds of conspiracy loaded comments at sites like that are interesting to be sure, but get very depressing after a while. I am sure that many, if not most, Pakistanis dismiss him as a typical stooge of the West, but to me his stuff has always been pretty sane common sense.

I’m proud of Dawn for having the guts to break the interview with Ajmal Kasab’s father. Amazing that all the much hyped new and free media spends its time analyzing Farah Dogar’s marksheets and the deleterious effects of Bollywood, leaving the real journalism to Dawn.


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