The three schools in Peshawar

A letter in Dawn today:
DAWN deserves credit for writing hard-hitting articles on the excesses of our rulers and growing militancy by our homegrown jihadists.

The despicable act of blowing up three English-medium schools in Peshawar Cantonment should have been universally condemned.

These schools are located next to a military police unit and a stone’s throwaway from the Corps Headquarters, and the Governor’s House. It is amazing that a horde of militants drove up, wreaked murder and havoc by throwing grenades and indiscriminate firing with automatic weapons. And neither the police nor the army reacted.

If this is a tactic to release international pressure on Pakistan, then we are playing with fire and further isolating ourselves from the world community. In the process we are also doing a great disservice to our glorious religion which is now being universally regarded as a religion of violence and backwardness, which sadly couldn’t be further from the truth.

Pakistan is facing grave threats and given the quality of our leadership chances are that we will make a further hash of the mess that we find ourselves in.

Imagine our state, no writ of the government beyond the protected lives of our VIPs, growing poverty, no food, water and electricity, and now jihadists trained by our spy agencies stepping up their presence to spread bigotry and provide rough justice because our judicial system has gone the way of the police and other corrupt institutions of the government.

The only glimmer of hope for survival of our nation could have been the education of our rapidly growing population but sadly that has been relegated to the expediency of playing games with international opinion so that Pakistan should be sponsored as a bulwark against terrorism.

The world has seen through us and it is only a matter of time before we get our just desserts.

Haripur, Hazara


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