Right-wing media

Ayesha Siddiqua has a good column on the media response to the war threat with India:

An overall view would make the divide appear thus: first, those supporting the lawyers’ movement and opposed to Musharraf are liberal in contrast to those who back him. Second, sections of the media (this includes commentators) supporting the US against the Taliban claim to be liberal in contrast to those who take an opposite view. The problem with this kind of mapping is that writers, anchors and channels liberal in the first category, appear to be conservative in the second. In fact, post Mumbai most of the media seems to have swung to the centre-right, a shift that confuses everyone who wants clear categories of those holding varying viewpoints.

This is a really perplexing issue. My theory is that the Punjabi middle class is like a confused housewife who has just divorced her rich husband (army). She’s really confused and easily led astray. Most probably they will end up remarrying.


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