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A really interesting account of a trip to Lyari at the blog Mohajir Perspective:

Most of the population of Lyari brand themselves as “Ethnic Baloch” but are actually black African who were brought as slaves by Arab conquerors during the time of Mohammad Bin Qasim – Golden Times!!! Today Makranis dominate Lyari apart from Baloch and Pashtoon. Makranis the inhabitants of Lyari are proud of there past and take their identity pretty serious. No wonder there was a victory parade post Obama victory on road of Lyari. Lyari felt nothing like Karachi apart from funny Urdu the inhabitants spoke.

At Let Us Build Pakistan, a summary of Gen. (then Brigadier) Zia’s role in Black September. It contains a really interesting quote by Zia about Israel which I had not read before:

“Pakistan is like Israel, an ideological state. Take out the Judaism from Israel and it will fall like a house of cards. Take Islam out of Pakistan and make it a secular state; it would collapse.” He likewise surprised many observers in March 1986, when he called on the PLO to recognize the Jewish state.

Five Rupees links to Steve Coll’s blog entries from his trip to Pakistan.

An analysis of the Bangladeshi elections by Marcvs_Tacitvs_Cicero at and the lessons to be learned from them by Pakistanis:

That Pakistan Army may STILL try to implement a similar Bangladesh Model in Pakistan by exiling all the political leaders once again and carving a Q League out of PPP this time. They may even come on the promise of restoring judiciary with Imran Khan and Qazi’s support.

Asfandyar at Do You Know How To Waltz has a very thought-provoking post about the Israeli attacks on Gaza:

Why would a party with a militant wing so hell bent on the destruction of Israel – when it’s again, bleedin’ obvious that the only way for Palestinians to live anything close to normal life would be extensive talks with Israel – continually gain support is beyond me. Yes, I know they run a very efficient welfare system, but surely that has to pale in comparison to Hamas’ fuckwittery re: Israel? Fatah, mind you, is little better, but they atleast present a realistic chance for a solution. Hamas only shows you a short film detailing NOTHING but war, and more war, and then some MORE war.


One response to “Some blog posts

  1. sana

    i don’t think hamas realistically believes it can destroy the state of israel. still, i think what’s makes less sense (than hamas’ popularity despite their chasing this dream of destroying israel) is why israel believes that bombing gaza on this scale – again – would stop future rocket attacks into israel, let alone make the palestinians accept the occuptation?

    here’s a semi-interesting article about the irrationality of american/jewish support of israel’s attacks on gaza w.r.t. their eventual aim of safety for the jewish people.

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