somali musician

On the way to work just now I heard a really interesting NPR feature on the Somali singer K’naan. I really liked his music, and also what he said about ganster rap was pretty incisive:

“All Somalis know that gangsterism isn’t to brag about. The kids that I was growing up with [in Rexdale] would wear baggy [track] suit pants, and a little jacket from Zellers or something, and they’d walk into school, and all the cool kids would be like, ‘Ah, man, look at these Somalis. Yo, you’re a punk!’ And the other kid won’t say nothing, but that kid, probably, has killed fifteen people

2 responses to “somali musician

  1. Not a Paki for sure

    Hey Converted Brethren of South Asia,

    Check this out and make sure you popularize this or write about this in your blogs….oh btw – there is no salvation in Islam, so convert while you can else your grandkids will anyways…

  2. Rabia

    oy yaar what is this, shudhi by blog comment?

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