Radio Pakistan Delhi

I find myself thinking this about a lot of people these days, but none more so than Zaid Hamid: I really, really, want him to meet the same fate as Dr. Najibullah.

Here’s an English translation of what he’s saying:
“The moment we kick the Americans out of Afghanistan, forget that India can ever threaten us again. I want to say another thing here. It’s being asked over and over again in India why we do not want to live like brotherly neighbours with them, they are worried that we will use our nuclear weapons against each other, they want us to open borders and have free trade. Look, I am aware of all these things, and all I want to say that I want all these fights to end and there is only one way that I can see to end these fights and that is to unite the whole of India into one country and to call it Pakistan. We will have the green flag, and sing “Pak sar zameen” and have Radio Pakistan in Delhi. Only then will these disputes end, I totally agree that we should have open borders in that case.”

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