A harsh Indian assessment of the meaning behind the sacking of Durrani

Which, unfortunately, I completely agree with:

By forcing PM Gilani to sack Durrani, the Pakistan army chief has sent some clear messages to the US, Zardari, his own soldiers and the jehadis. It is another action in the line of many taken by Kayani since Mumbai terror attacks to signal his disillusionment with the US. The message to Zardari is obvious — to stay within his boots or else…

To jehadis, it is a message of support that their begetter will not betray its progenies. No one in Pakistan can dare to acknowledge Kasab or any other terrorist as a Pakistani. There is a message even to his own increasingly radicalised rank and file from Kayani. Pak army is purging out US stooges from the government set-up in Islamabad and reaffirming its close umbilical relationship with the jehadis.

What is the message for India? Forget Track-II, peace process and dreams of a liberal, democratic polity with a friendly government in Pakistan.


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