Farhat Taj, in The News

Many IDPs have one complaint against fellow citizens of Pakistan. They said the Taliban invaded and occupied Bajaur. They imposed a social order that was different from the Pakhtun social order that has always functioned in Bajaur. Anyone violating the Taliban order was publicly punished, sometimes in the most savage of ways, like being publicly beheaded. The Taliban terrorism was all over and everyone was suffering. But none of the fellow Pakistanis raised their voices against the Taliban occupation of Bajaur. No one reached out to them with help or even promise of help.

and Pir M Shah:

The other group which has to be blamed is that of the politicians who have failed to take cognizance of the situation. There are two types here – one the ANP leadership which tested the troubled waters, so to speak, and failed to navigate through it. The others are those who will protest – if they do that is – in Sindh or Punjab when the situation is terrible in Swat. When the Taliban take out the dead body of Pir Samiullah from its grave and hang it, such leaders will claim that ‘external hands’ are involved. When the Taliban destroy schools in the name of Islam, such leaders call the perpetrators as non-Muslims — as if the 1.5 billion Muslims in the world have no criminals among them.

The sorry fact of the matter is that Qazi Hussain Ahmed, Imran Khan, Fazlur Rahman and Nawaz Sharif have never condemned the Taliban in spite of the fact that Taliban have claimed responsibility of all the crimes which they have perpetrated including attacks on Eidgah, mosques, bombing of jirgas, attacks on funerals and even a hospital. For every crisis these politicians have a ready-made scapegoat — America. However, till I last checked, there were no US troops in Swat and there have been no attacks there either.


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  1. Re: our discussion on the other post. The liberals condemned it. All 3 of us.

  2. gtr

    haha, well at least it makes it easy to keep track of the liberal Pakistani take on things.

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