Things that should be bleeding obvious

Three interesting parallels:

  1. Aafia Siddiqui vs. Zarina Marri. For the former we have everyone and their brother beating their breasts in agony at the thought of our mother, sister, MIT scientist, hope of the nation, etc, being beaten and tortured in Bagram. Everyone was absolutely convinced that this story was 100% true as soon as Yvonne Ridley reported it. Now one would think that the Asian Human Rights Commission would be a slightly more reliable source than Yvonne Ridley, but the Zarina Marri story was of course held up to a microscope and questioned at every step and then promptly dropped from the public’s radar, all in about one day.
  2. Gaza vs. Swat:

    The valley is replete with such scenes, as more than 170 schools have been bombed or torched besides other government-owned buildings. Also, more people have been killed in violence and military operations in the valley than the Israeli onslaught on Gaza, but the people have been unfortunate not to get due attention of the government, politico-religious parties and civil society, who have been crowding streets to protest the killing of Palestinians.

  3. And today, the joyful reception in the Muslim world of the news that an appeals court has ordered that Geert Wilders be prosecuted for “hate speech” against the Quran and Islam. The funny thing is, the people most loudly praising this decision are oddly the same ones going overboard with the Gaza = concentration camp and Israel = Third Reich comparison. Do they want to prosecute themselves as well? I doubt it.

9 responses to “Things that should be bleeding obvious

  1. asfand

    Not to mention labelling Israel as a nation perpetrating genocide while talk of Bangladesh only conjures up images of their cricket team.

    We, as Pakistanis, and frankly as muslims are incredibly hypocritical. The rest of the world is too, I suppose, but it’s worse when we call them on their hypocrisy while we ourselves are complete douchebags.

  2. Zoobee

    Thanks to Tazeen for turning me on to this blog… good stuff and what a great job!


  3. Zoobee

    BTW – people also fail to realize that had Afia’s fate been left to legal system in Pakistan, her accusation of rape would have had her too thrown in jail under the hudood ordinance, until of course she produces 4 witnesses to support her claim.

  4. Except that the Hudood Ordinance has been amended with the Women’s Protection Bill – so the issue of rape (ideally) falls under Pakistan’s civil law rather than Sharia. That’s not to say some cases don’t fall through the crack, or that the Protection Bill is always upheld in rural areas, but I’m just making a small note 🙂

  5. Okay, I’m lost. I haven’t followed that Zainab Marri case as it fell of the radar since no one really highlighted the issue.

    But I just want to add (and maybe this is the point that you were trying to highlight) that Afia Siddique is a victim too as is Zainab Marri. Maybe because Afia Siddique’s crimes were against the state (allegedly) and Zainab Marri involved individuals, the case has not been pursued to such lengths.

    I’m just saying…

  6. Rabia

    The question is why did the Zarina Marri case fall off the radar. I completely agree with the fact that Aafia Siddiqui is a victim, but so is Zarina Marri, and in a way, if we were a responsible group of people, the Zarina Marri case (as Alia AmirAli points out in that link that I posted) would be the more urgent one for us to be upset about.

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