Hell could not be worse than this:

Taliban Swat issued the list of persons to be killed

The Taliban spoke person Muslim Khan told media on Telephone that in a Shura meeting held under the chair of Fazlullah, today, the following persons belong to different localities of Swat have been charged on supporting operation against Taliban Swat. They have to appear before Islamic court in one weak. If they failed to do so a one sided verdict will be announced against them. The rest of the people of Swat should feel themselves secure and those who fled can come back to their homes.
1: Muzafar Ali Khan, Shakardara
2: Mian Gual Jan, Bara Bandai
3: Sher Auzal Khan, Alias Kaptan, Bara Bandai
4: Sher Shah Khan, Koza Bandai
5: Faridoon Khan, Koza Bandai
6: Sher Mamad Khan, Koza Bandai
7: Haroon Rashid Khan, his sons and his Brothers, Koza Bandai
8: Adalat Khan, Koza Bandai
9: Sham Sher Ali Khan, MPA, Derai
10: Wajid Ali Khan, MPA and his brothers, Mingawara
11: Rafi ul Mulk khan MNA and his sons, Mingawara.
12: Nisar Khan, Nazim, Mingawara
13: Sher Shah Khan MPA, Gogdara.
14: Khan Nawb, Katyard
15: Waqar Khan,MPA, Shahderai.
16: Muneer Khan, Totanubandai.
17: Khurshid Khan Totanubandai.
18: Maulana Irfanulla, ex- MPA-JUI
19: Malack Akhmad Khan, Taal.
20: Akhmad Khan, Manja.
21: Saifullah Khan, Totanubandai.
22: Qaimoos Khan. Janoo.
23: Said Bacha, Qalaqai.
24: Wahid Zaman and Sons, Kabal
25: Jamsheed, Bishbanr.
26: Jaffar Shah,MPA, Shagram.
27: Abdul Qahar Khan, Shinr.
28: khuda Bakhash, Qambar.
29: Sahib Zada, Aazara.
30: Bacha Rahman and brothers, Asharai.
31: Amir Muqam, Shangal now resides in Sangota.
32: Ajmeer, Sar Khazana.
33: Jamal Nasar, District Nazim.
34: Shjuat Ali Khan, Shangwatai.
35: Auzal Khan Lala, Bara Durush Khela.
36: Abdul Jabar Khan, Bara Drush khela.
37: Ayub Khan, Asharai
38: Tahir Khan, asharai.
39: Khurshid Khan, Baghderai.
40: Akmad Sher Khan, Shawar.
41: Dr. Haider Ali Khan, MPA, Khwazakhela.
43: Bakht Jamal.

13 responses to “Hell could not be worse than this:

  1. This is so tragic and horrifying – I wonder how much support Mullah Fazlullah and his followers actually have in Swat? Are people just living in fear of them or actually in support of their actions? And, since Fazlullah delivers much of his hard-line rhetoric over the radio – is his influence more of a perception or very realized?

  2. Rabia

    Kalsoom, yeah, there are so many unanswered questions. To your questions, I would also add: 1) how is it opssible that the army does not have the technology (as Athar Abbas claims) to jam Fazlullah’s radio station and 2) given that they are openly broadcasting radio shows, how is it not possible to target the source of the radio broadcast with missiles?

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  5. Did you ever see the documentary on Frontline on Fazlullah? It’s actually really interesting: http://www.pbs.org/frontlineworld/stories/pakistan703/video/video_index.html

    “But the Taliban were entrenching themselves, building a $2.5 million madrassa, or religious school, on the outskirts of town. It became the base for their leader, a mysterious cleric known as the “radio mullah” for his sermons and tirades broadcast by his pirate radio station. His name is Maulana Fazlullah.”

    I’m guessing that since the military offensive, he’s not based at that madrassa any more – if he is, would there be dramatic implications of targeting that madrassa? The thing is if you hit one radio station, won’t another pop up in its place? That’s the problem with fighting propaganda, you can’t just fight it by jamming it or hitting it with missiles…or at least that’s my interpretation.

  6. Zoobee

    Was just forwarded this list not long ago – and lo be hold I see it being discussed here… so aside the obvious “WTH! is this for real?” sentiment – the situation in Swat has gone beyond FUBAR…

    Moving on to Kalsoom’s point, my question to a question is how does one deal with propaganda then? Aside the knee-jerk reaction of “bomb the mullahs to kingdom come” – just a passing thought borne out of sheer frustration – not a belief – how does one get a footing in a situation this bad? Is setting up of another FM station, that airs Mili Nagma’s of Pakistan, then a solution? or?

  7. Zoobee-

    Counter-propaganda generally involves a media campaign – radio, billboards, tv ads (probably not in Swat), flyers etc. espousing ideas that run counter to Mullah Fazlullah – either villifying their actions [videos or radio ads showing how the Taliban in Swat has destroyed livelihoods, homes, families], or portraying more peaceful ideas related to Islam or Pakistan. That approach tends to be coupled with a military campaign, so that their tangible victories can be maintained through the influence of perceptions.

    While that model tends to work within the war of ideas, I question how effective it would be in Swat. From my understanding, the people are living in a complete state of fear, and as much as many do not support these militants, they also don’t feel they can turn to the military or the Pakistani government for protection either. That’s a problematic scenario, no? If Fazlullah’s MO is to influence people to sympathize or join their Taliban-linked movement, that is different than if he is using it to wield an iron fist over Swat Valley. It’s frustrating because I’m not really sure what the mindset is of the people in Swat, not the militants, but the people living through this – so I’m not fully sure how one could remedy the situation.

    I did, however, find a BBC article on a Diary of a Swat schoolgirl that I put on my blog too, here’s the link: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/7848138.stm

  8. Zoobee

    Well from my perspective – albeit a perspective heavily influenced by sentiment Americana – which is not always a bad thing – this is how I see things:

    Somebody, other than Taliban, needs to step in, on behalf of people of Swat, while acting decisively, and restore the rule of the law. Since only other viable option we have to Taliban is Pak Army – given that Pakistani establishment for decades was operating, irresponsibly, while under the rosy influence of Islam-cures-all ills doctrine, I suppose in order to wrest control from Taliban, military intervention appears to be the ONLY viable temporary solution. Basically, go in with all the might, clean up, restore the authority to the Swatis, and stick around to protect the Swatis from falling again to nutbags a-la Mullah FM.

    Of course, my sentiment is a bit too simplified, and ideological, nonetheless, appears to be the only solution. I think the fault lies with Govt of Pakistan for failing to act decisively against those who profess/support/promote implementation of a State within a State. In case of Swat, to rid of those who promote a state within a state, is what justifies the use of force. Of course, it needs to make sure to no to antagonize the Swati while doing it’s job: protecting Pakistan.

  9. takhalus

    Surprise surprise no PML-N’ers or MMA people on that list.

  10. Rabia

    “Somebody, other than Taliban, needs to step in, on behalf of people of Swat, while acting decisively, and restore the rule of the law. Since only other viable option we have to Taliban is Pak Army”

    Zoobee, I totally agree that the solution has to involve a heavy element of military force against Fazlullah, etc. The problem is that at this point there are very good reasons to believe that the Pakistani military establishment has NOT given up supporting these people or at the very least, there are good reasons to suspect that the army is letting the situation deteriorate to a certain point in order to achieve certain strategic aims. So unless something in that equation changes, that really leaves the people of Swat with no one to look out for them.

    Kalsoom, I think what you said is spot-on. Propaganda campaigns, etc, would only be effective if we knew for sure that these guys had a lot of popular support among Swatis. In any case, I really feel like the covert establishment support of them outweighs the significance of popular support, but somehow it is an issue that always gets brushed under the carpet and unless it is discussed openly in Pakistani society, nothing is going to change.

    The right-wing media and political parties in particular have completely embraced the idea that this is what the people of Swat asked for so this is what they should get. I actually think they don’t believe what they are saying, but they see the same strategic advantages in supporting the Taliban as the military does (I actually heard someone say today that letting the tribal areas and swat deteriorate to this extend might even be a way for us to finally get Kashmir!) and so choose to deliberately let NWFP fall in order to achieve these completely insane objectives.

  11. Zoobee

    Rabia – yeah – until the Na-Pak Army makes a clean break from being the defender of Islam (given that no one gives a damn about Islam, I am not sure what it needs to be defended against) to being the defender of the nation, expecting it to do something constructive for the country is akin to expecting arrival of Messiah: may or may never happen. In the meantime, though, the Swati people are indeed stuck between rock and a hard place. Of course, making a clean break from decades long Islamization of Army is not going to take place over night either… all in all a mega-FUBAR of a mess.

  12. when molana sufi took a 1000 of swati people for jehad to afghanistan and come back alone with 10 people including shah dawran and fazal why they come back alive and other people killed? when they all come alive to pakistan and arrested fazal shah and sufi he is trained in jail for this mission in paradise valley and destroy our swat valley very badly?on my view that this is the game of govt of pakistan in swat valley for some specific purpose.thx

  13. I agree, faheem. Have you read his recent interview?


    the govt is pretending that he is some kind of moderate when clearly he isn’t

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