a few links

My friend Ayesha wrote a fascinating column yesterday comparing the present situation in Swat to the Hur uprising in the last 7 years of British rule in Sindh.

And Karachi Khatmal went to Gwadar and interviewed a bunch of local residents about how they felt about the construction of the port.

A harsh assessment of “modern Afghans” by an Afghan who just returned to Kabul.


3 responses to “a few links

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    Must say, you blog is very informative and nice.

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  2. Rabia

    hi Rabia, thanks for the link… what a change from the usual depressing politics.

  3. yes, it is. I am non political person and studying medical. Taking photographs and gardening is my past time hobby.

    I didnt find any blog about trees from Pakistani side so I decided to write a blog exclusively about trees in Pakistan.

    Thanks for adding my blog in your link list. I am bless.

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