FATA poll and a video

There’s an op-ed by Brian Cloughley in the Daily Times today that references a poll of public opinion in FATA conducted last year by the Centre for Research and Security Studies in Islamabad. Some of the major findings were:

  1. 91 per cent thought that “the Taliban way is the wrong way”
  2. 86 per cent believed that Taliban activities were hurting Pakistan
  3. Only six per cent believed the Taliban represented “true Islam”.
  4. When questioned as to whether “religio-political parties are true representatives of FATA people,” 84 percent said No,

Here is a link to the study’s findings (PDF). They are truly astounding and I wish that there were a way to publicize them because they completely contradict the conventional wisdom of what the people of the tribal areas think about the Taliban. By the way, CRSS’s website is also well worth looking at.

This is a video (in Pashto) made by a journalist talking to people of the tribal areas who have been displaced by the military operations. I simply cannot describe the shame and sadness that I felt, as a Pakistani, watching it. Khyber News has a lot of other related videos on their website that are definitely worth watching.


9 responses to “FATA poll and a video

  1. Publius

    I am sure you are already familiar with this but here is another piece from today’s news which suggests something similar ( about the unpopularity of Taliban). Apparently the Pakhtun are also totally convinced that it is their own army and ISI which is foisting the Taliban on them.(ultimately to gain strategic depth etc in Afghanistan and other strategic objectives)


    I don’t understand Pashto but even without that the video was hard to watch. I had to stop mid way.

  2. Ahmer Naqvi

    hi rabia

    our program is planning to do an all out drive on bringing the swat valley, as well as fata onto the forefront.

    since you have really taken this issue to heart, i would like to hear your opinions and ideas on how to take this forward, as well as others we can involve in this whole process.


  3. Rabia,

    Your blog has become a must visit website of late. thanks a lot for compiling it all in one place.

  4. Why haven’t these findings been more publicized? On CNN yesterday they did mention the 91% statistic but not in context of all the findings and who conducted the study, etc.

  5. Rabia

    Kalsoom, I don’t know! I am glad it got mentioned on CNN though. I wish someone could do an interview with the people at CRSS…

  6. Rabia

    thank you Tazeen, I wish there was more that we could do though.

  7. I downloaded the file off their website with the findings, and also thought the statistic that 95% of those surveys felt that girls SHOULD be educated was both significant and telling.

    Rabia, I know I’m not a mainstream news agency, but I would love to interview the people at CRSS on these findings for CHUP – do you know anyone there?

  8. Rabia

    I don’t… but I wonder if you could just get in touch with them from the contact info on their website and see if they are interested?

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