Shamozai police station

Yesterday the Shamozai police station was surrounded by militants. The army was called in but apparently decided it was OK to suspend the operation in the evening while the police officers were still trapped inside. Unbelievable.

Thousands of Taliban besieged a police station in the area of Shamozai on Tuesday. The army was mobilised to rescue the police and break the circle of rebels, security officials said.

Clashes continued throughout the day but as dusk fell, the operation was suspended. Then, overnight, the Taliban broke into the office, kidnapped the officers and blew up the building, said Swat police chief Dilawar Khan.

Khan said the rebels kidnapped 30 policemen.

Update: it looks like 29 policemen have now been released after promising they would resign from government service.


5 responses to “Shamozai police station

  1. I think it’s pretty interesting that the army has to protect the policemen in Swat. Kamran Rehmat reported a few days ago, “The police are escorted by the army personnel and come out of their hideouts for a couple of hours.”

    Isn’t there something very wrong with a situation when the police have to be protected?

  2. Kalsoom, absoutely. Did you read this article, by any chance:

    pretty depressing.

  3. I read somewhere too that the police are receiving very little compensation/salary for their work. I wonder how much the Taliban is paying recruits in comparison?

  4. takhalus

    I read they get paid over twice what the police get paid and a portion of any booty. Shamozai is south of Mingora for those few hours you can saw Swat was lost .

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