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  1. Over thirty people have been killed in a bomb blast at a Shia Imambargah in Dera Ghazi Khan. Just yesterday, I was reading a relevant chapter in the book Pakistan: Nationalism without a Nation and also, this paper about the roots of sectarianism in Jhang.
  2. This article by Malik Siraj Akbar about the dangers faced by Hazaras in Balochistan especially after the assassination of secular leader Hussain Ali Yousafi, chairman of the Hazara Democratic Party in January. If you are interested in reading more about the horrible treatment of Hazaras under the Afghan Taliban, and also about their prospects in Afghanistan after the fall of the Taliban, you should read this really excellent feature in National Geographic in February 2008:

    In early 2001, in the coldest days of a brutal Hazarajat winter, the horror came to the district of Yakawlang. On January 8, the Taliban rounded up young Hazara men in Nayak, the district center. “People were thinking they would be taken to court,” recalls Sayed Jawhar Amal, a teacher in the nearby village of Kata Khona. “But at 8 a.m. they were killed. All of them.” The men were lined up and shot in public view. When elders from Kata Khona inquired about young men from their community, they were also killed. In all, Human Rights Watch concluded, more than 170 were exe-cuted in four days.

  3. An interview with Afrasiyab Khattak: “We believe that the major cause of militancy and extremism in Fata and Pukhtunkhwa is the duality in our Afghan policy.” And a blog post from around this time last year by Barnett Rubin about his meetings with various Pashtun nationalist politicians in NWFP and Afghanistan.
  4. Reports of militancy in Dir upper district

2 responses to “some links

  1. Excellent post and excellent resources, Rabia. Thank you.

  2. Let me share an incident of Afghan’s hatred for Hazaras. General Moosa Khan (former governor of Baluchistan) was an ethnic Hazara and when an Afghan delegation visited Pakistan and was introduced to Gen. Moosa Khan, the delegates from Afghanistan refused to shake hands with him because he was a Hazara … that was the level of bigotry back in 1970s, imagine what a 30 year long war has done to inflame the ethnic tensions …

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