More Inaction

Why does the government seem completely impotent at a time like this? The foreign minister keeps making unbelievably naive statements like “we have not received confirmation of the Polish Geologist’s death yet”. The army seems to be in sleep mode, waiting for the situation to get even worse. Why is the military establishment doing this? Maybe it’s not the monolithic, homogeneous , disciplined force we are made to believe it is. Maybe there are many different agendas and players enforcing different policies. Some may want to control the problem while some may want to fan the flames. Could it be that the army wants to show the citizenry and the members of the non-military establishment that it alone holds the keys to Pakistan’s preservation and protection?

Stephen Phillip Cohen in his book “The Idea of Pakistan” says the army will likely always keep the Islamist threat alive simply to show those within (and also outside) our borders that it is the only institution that can hold the threat of Talebanization back. He says this is not the ideal way to hold power in Pakistan, but it is the only way the army knows how. In the past,  the threat of India was kept alive with instigated insurgencies in Kashmir and provoked wars and now the army has found a new way to hold the country for ransom. It has always been in its interest to show the politicians as inept and corrupt. Public opinion is Pakistan is quick to forget the mistakes and crimes of the past. Already there are letters being published on certain websites begging Kayani to take over the reigns of power (one recently posted very enthusiatically by Ahmed Quraishi). How ironic that the people who can be credited with creating and then harboring the jihadis are now being viewed as the only ones able to protect us from them! I think the army knows this and knows how to use this fact to it’s full advantage. The scary bit, for me, is that I think the army has always overestimated the control it wields over these people. They are already out of control. This article brings up some good points. Why does the government not extend more direct support to the tribal forces who want to protect their communities againt the Taleban? It is essentially pushing these communities into the arms of the militants by it’s inaction.


2 responses to “More Inaction

  1. Rabia

    yup, that statement by Mehmood Qureshi was unbelievable. I mean, this was almost 2 days after the beheading video was released!

    And Ahmed Quraishi is on the army payroll for sure!

  2. Hasan

    I completely agree about Ahmed Quraishi being on the military’s payroll. I have tried blasting him on his website and have also mentioned the obvious about who is lining his pockets. He initially replied back quite belligerently but of late has stopped responding to my commments! The sad part is, it seems alot of Pakistanis seem to be taking people like Quaraishi and that clown Zaid Hamid pretty seriously

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