Imran Khan

Is a perfect representative of the “Shariah for them, but never for me” school of hypocrisy.


4 responses to “Imran Khan

  1. No one could put it better than you Rabia.
    Its really sums it up

  2. Rabia

    Thanks Shaheryar… what an awful individual he has turned out to be.

  3. I agree Rabia-

    What a damn hypocrite. What these politicians fail to realize is that the Taliban in Swat have been operating their own interpretation of Sharia – a law that justifies that girls can’t be educated, than women can’t go to the markets – what kind of justice is this?

  4. i think we should all start a campaign that Mr Imran Khan and General Hamid Gul should move to either Swat or Fata and live with their buddies.

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