Dera Ismail Khan bomb blast victims

(from Dawn)


10 responses to “Dera Ismail Khan bomb blast victims

  1. Shame on you Fazal-ul-Rahman. Shame on you

  2. A picture is worth a thousand words.

    Thank you Rabia for signing the petition.

    It is good to read stuff you and Sherry write/post on your respective blogs, something which I also acknowledged in my talk with TPS.

  3. oh no! I deleted some real comments while deleting the mountains of spam comments left on this post. I am very sorry.

  4. Wittgenstein said “A Picture is a Fact”. Thanks Rabia because nothing could have explained it better.

    Thanks Abdul you are very kind and generous.

  5. stuka

    Are these victims Shia?

  6. yeah, it happened in the middle of a shia janaza

  7. stuka

    I guess my previous comment didn’t get posted. Is a Janaza a Shia specific religious ceremony, like the marching around Moharram?

  8. stuka

    sorry abt the ignorant question – i searched for the term, I didn’t realize it was a generic term for funeral.

  9. thanks for stopping by marwat, your blog is really interesting! Hope you and your family are staying safe.

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