Accounts of reaction to 1953 martial law

From Relevance of Munir Report on 1953 Riots For Today’s Pakistan (pdf file) by Javaid Aslam:

“The brief period of Martial Law gave the Army a valuable experience of performing the duties of civil government. It also created an impression in the minds of the public that the Army could restore peace and effective government when all other devices had failed.

(by Hasan Askari Rizvi)
Daily Dawn commented:

“……….. Memories of the Army rule in Lahore will linger for a long time to come and the new look that Lahore has acquired and the sense of discipline among its people inculcated by the Army will bear eloquent testimony to the good work done by the Major-General Azam Khan and his men.”

How many times will this be repeated until we learn.


4 responses to “Accounts of reaction to 1953 martial law

  1. I love how the cycle or oscillation between military rule and elected government continues unabated. How frustrating.

  2. I think the first martial law needs to be re-visited.
    Especially the anti-Ahmedi agitation. I read some where that it was due to a power struggle in PML. A faction in Punjab was behind the islamists in order to de stabilize the central government.

  3. takhalus

    yes thats true.. Daultana allowed the situation to deterioate. While Azam Khan was a good administrator ..making the trains run on time is a usual defense for martial law.

    The situation that led to the actual imposition of martial law interesting and showed the dominance of the civil service component of the establishment in the 1950’s. Essentially the decision to impose martial law was summarily done by Iskandier Mirza.

  4. I have a persistent position that issues of Religious intolerance,Militarism, democratization, are linked to the state of “state” itself. In order to understand bureaucracy and military and their role in politics Hamza Alvi’s paper “Authoritarianism: Legitimization of State power in Pakistan” is a must read

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