Some Imran Khan quotes about Shariah in Pakistan

  • From Kal Tak with Javed Chaudhry 21/1/2009
    [This is his answer to the first question in which he talks about shariah in general terms, and not specific to Swat (although I suppose it’s open to interpretation)]

    IK: dekhiyay, sharamnaak baat yeh hai keh hum kehtay hain… hum musalman hain aur shariat say dar jaatay hain. Shariat kya hai? Shariat nabi (SAW) ka rasta hai. Yeh aap ki… agar aap musalman hain tau aap shariat pay chalna chahtay hain.

    humain khauf hai shariat ka naam laytay huay dartay hain. yeh jo badkismatay hai kay jo mulk kay parhay likhay laug hain, woh kamaskam batayain tau sahi keh shariat kya hai. main aap ko batata hoon keh meri nazar main shariat kya hai. Shariat khilafat-e-rashidun hai. Uss ki kya bunyaad thi? Adal aur insaaf; aur falahi rryasaat, aur aik khuddar ryaasat jo kisi aur power kay saamnay na jhukay. yeh shariat nizam ki bunyaad hai. hum kyun dartay hain shariat ka naam laytay huay?

  • Jawab Deh with Iftikhar Ahmed, 1/2/2009 (great interview btw)[this had nothing to do with Swat .. 23:00 into the video]

    Iftikhar Ahmed: aap shariat kay haami hain?

    IK: main bilkul samajhta hoon kay shariath honi chahiyay. Aur shariat jo mainay study ki hay woh khilafat-e-rashidun main jo shari nizam hai woh jo aap nai shuru main tehrik e insaaf ka manshoor bataya tha: khuddari, insaniyat, aur insaaf. yeh teen. yeh shariat ki yeh bunyaad hai

    Iftikhar Ahmed: is mulk main kis fiqah ki shariat par amal kiya jayay ga?

    IK: main to nahin jaanta, main to apni ki [shariah] define kar raha hoon. main to yeh keh raha hoon jo main … study kiya hai, aik islami ma’ashray main insaniyat honi chahiyay aik falahi ryaasat honi chahiyay, udhar adal aur insaaf hona chahiyay.

    after this there is a great section in which he rationalizes suicide
    bombing, etc.

  • Meray mutabiq with Shahid Masood 2/22/2009

    IK: …aik hamari so called liberal class hai, woh dar gayi hai keh shariat aagayi hai, ab pata nahin shariat aagayi hai to kya honay wala hai, haath kaT jayain gay. Shariah to adal aur insaaf hai, insaan ko insaan banati hai aqalmand jaanwar say insaan banta hai. Shariat to aik ma’ashray kay andar adal aur insaaf, aur insaniyat, falahi ryaasat ka naam hai

    Shahid Masood: yeh kaam acha kiya phir hukumut nay?

    IK: main yeh keh raha hoon, in logon nain to pressure main kiya…

    SM: Laikin kaam acha kya, na?

    SM: aik aisa kaam karti hai jo unke manifesto main nahin tha. yeh ajeeb si baat nahin hoee?

    IK: yeh jo laug lay kay aayay thay iss hukumut ko woh liberal alliance bananay aayay thay, main bataadoon, woh Negroponte aur Boucher nain jo liberal alliance banayi thi, Musharraf ki aur PPP ki, ab Allah ki shaan dekhain kay liberal alliance Shariah lay aayi hai (laughs) yeh bhi Allah ki shaan dekhain (laughs again). Udhar ANP bhi liberal thay. Ab dekhain na, Holbrooke ki statement kitni ghalat hai keh yeh jo shari nizam hai yeh baRa bura ho ga. Kya ab woh hamain yeh bhi bataayaiN gay keh hamain kaunsa Islam laana hai?


11 responses to “Some Imran Khan quotes about Shariah in Pakistan

  1. Ugh, he makes my blood boil.

  2. me too.! What I liked about the Iftikhar Ahmed interview was how he really pinned him down and got him to admit his positions on the taliban, suicide bombing and shariah.

  3. stuka

    OK, so I watched this show with one PML Q lady MP called Ms Memon or something. To me, the bigger hypocrite and the charlatan is this lady politician who talks about Jihad with Zaid Hamid and then does not want to follow Sharia herself. She is the supposed “enlightened moderate” of Pakistan?

    I swear, sometimes I wish for Shaira in Pakistan so that Shireen Mazari and her ilk, the ones who encouraged Taliban in Afghanistan and outfits like Dukhtaran e Millat e Kashmir in India are whipped for stepping out of the house without a Mehram. Why is Sharia good for Afghan and Kashmiri women but not for Ms Memon who gets photogrpahs clicked and appears in public dressed in an immodest manner?

    Imran Khan is in the same boat. As per Sharia Law he has fathered a daughter out of wedlock. What is the punishment for that?

  4. Rabia, great job.

    A lot of people call Iftikhar Ahmed Iftikhar Fitna (at least in Geo, they do) for his doggedness but I like him for that, no matter who the guest is, he does not waver from his questions, unlike so many bigger names.

  5. lol Rabia. great post. Imran Khan has only one thing common with the Taliban and Jamaat-e-(Ghair) Islami, i.e. hypocrisy.

  6. Great job Rabia. This man has gone insane, otherday he commented in Pindi bar i think that “long march revolution shall be completed by Taliban”.
    Worse i think are the vanguards of secularism who keep worshiping Khan. They are worse than Taliban bcz they are ones confusing the public.

  7. stuka

    Shaheryar: Are you the same person as SherryX with the blog?

  8. stuka

    Waisey, I had a question for the folks on this board. Did you despise the Taliban as much when it was being foisted on Afghanistan? This is a serious question because it speaks to the intrinsic morality of the issue at hand. I would appreciate yours response.

  9. stuka,
    I get what you are leading up to. The way Imran Khan talks about the Afghani Taliban would have been totally unexceptional in the 90s and there were even fewer people who saw anything wrong with Pakistan’s role in Kashmir. Even the liberals who were against the Taliban in the late 90s didn’t really acknowledge Pakistan’s role. There was just a general sense of Afghanistan being a country that had been at war for decades with the implicit sense of relief that one group had brought peace to it.

    Also, as a society we almost never exhibit any introspection that doesn’t have some kind of tactical motivation behind it. To give you an example, throughout my childhood I remember only a handful of times anyone speaking regretfully of the events of 1971. But suddenly during and after the Lal Masjid incident we started hearing douchebags like Hamid Mir bringing out the East Pakistan analogies.

  10. stuka

    Rabia, thanks for your honesty. The first Afghans I met was when I was very young. They were refugees who fled the Russians. They were secular types though, and though they did not have any love lost for Russians, they chose to come to India rather than Pak I think because of social environment (not economic opportunity because that was worse than Pak). In our case, we always sympathized with the Russians and we are also morally tainted because we never pointed to the atrocities committed by the Russians. However, at least the general establishment support was for a government that shared our values.

    In Pakistan’s case, I get the impression that there are two value systems – one for the Pathan and one for the “settled population” is I guess an approximate manner of describing the latter.

    When Imran Khan talk of Sharia, he means it. He will also say that there are different interpretations of Sharia. What is left unsaid but is implied is, the harsh Sharia for the mountain folk who are “different” and the benign Sharia for us. Hence, what was acceptable for Afghanistan became acceptable for FATA and then Swat. It is only when it comes to Lahore and Rawalpindi that this contradiction will be resolved one way or the other.

    Thanks so much for a very forthright reply above. Your intellectual integrity is unmatched as always.

  11. stuka

    Just FYI, I have no problem with the Pakistani role in Kashmir in terms of 1. National Interest 2. Supporting JKLF

    I would be an enemy, but the morality of Pakistan’s actions would be justified. Even if Pakistan were to raise freedom fighters motivated in the name of Kashmir or Pakistani nationalism in the form of taking what should have been rightfully theirs, I get that.

    My issue is with funding LeT, Dukhtaran e Millat and other Wahabi groups that have subjected women to indignities and enforced an Islam contrary to Pakistan’s own Islam.

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