Some videos

Talat Hussain interview with Nawaz Sharif
I am still looking for a video of Safdar Abbasi’s speech today so if anyone has it please post a link in the comments, thanks! 
Tahira Abdullah and Sherry Rehman on Capital Talk. A very upsetting video.


2 responses to “Some videos

  1. AKS

    Here’s the Safdar Abbasi speech to the Pindi Bar:-

    The Tahira Abdulla video is upsetting but also really annoying. The lady is surely well meaning and what happened to her is harrowing but I get the feeling that she doesn’t really know what she’s talking about. Perhaps this is unfair of me, but every time I hear someone saying something like ‘this wouldn’t have happened if Benazir was alive,’ I feel like slapping them.

    My friend’s father was with Murtaza Bhutto when they were stopped by the police; I was on the road with my family driving home when we were diverted because ‘the road was closed;’ 20 minutes later Murtaza and my friend’s father were dead.

  2. thanks AKS. Yeah, I found that irritating too, although maybe not for exactly the same reason. To me, Asma Jehangir’s and Tahira Abdullah’s various statements and yesterday’s statements by Aitzaz about this being “the only secular people’s movement in the Muslim world” really irritated me because of the complete lack of acknowledgment of the fact that most of the street power out there was from JI.

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