Imran Khan, hurry up, we are waiting for your statement

To make it easier, I’ve made a template you can use:

“I strongly condemn this action by the enemies of Pakistan. Because this was in a mosque during Friday prayers, this could not be the work of a Muslim and so I have evidence that this was a [RAW|MOSSAD|CIA|Foreign] conspiracy. In case this line of reasoning appears simple-minded to you, I will also go ahead and quickly rationalize this action. This is simply the direct result of [liberals|Americans|NATO|PPP government] who have brought us to this state due to the [so called “war on terror”|governor’s “rule”|waffling on the restoration of the judges]. Zardari has become as much of a dictator as Musharraf. And the root cause of this is that [America kay Ghulam|our so-called muslim elites|liberal fascists|MQM terrorists] are scared of [Shariah|free judiciary].”

Jamrud mosque bombing survivors speak about their experience:

Lying on a bed in surgical ward of the KTH, Khalid Mir had received abdominal injuries. Student of first-year at Higher Secondary School Jamrud, Mir still in his blood-soaked clothes, told The News he was standing in the third row inside the hall of the mosque.

“The moment imam (prayer leader) said Allah-o-Akbar I heard a deafening sound and saw a raging flame of fire and then smoke everywhere,” he said. “Everything was falling and the entire roof caved in and I was hit by a wooden beam,” he added.

Mir said that he was a player of volleyball and he along with his friends used to play game near the mosque. “We decided to offer Friday prayer before the game, but the fate has decided something else,” Khalid Mir said. Waqif, 17, from Jamrud was lying on the next bed. He received head injuries as well as shrapnel’s bruises on his face and right foot.

Talking to The News, he said that he was standing in the first row when a loud blast occurred. “A piece of slab fell on my foot. However, I managed to remove that and take out two of my cousins injured in the attack,” he said.

“Smoke was all around and bodies as well as the injured were scattered at the scene and the children were crying for help,” he said. Bakhat Zameen, 25, a driver by profession, sustained head injuries and also shrapnel’s mark on his left cheek. He said the moment he entered the mosque the blast occurred and people fell on one another. “Soon after the blast firing was also started by locals as well as by Khassadars,” he said.

The bodies and the injured were lying on the spot for more than 20 minutes as people were panicked and shocked, he said. Asim, a Khassadar force personnel hailing from Jamrud, admitted to the emergency ward of the HMC told The News that he discharging duty at the nearby checkpoint. “My duty starts at 3pm, but I left home to reach in time to offer my ‘juma’ (Friday) prayer in the mosque and then join the duty,” he said. Asim was standing in the veranda of the mosque when the suicide bomber blew himself up, injuring his (Asim) right leg and hands.

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5 responses to “Imran Khan, hurry up, we are waiting for your statement

  1. takhalus

    ask and you shall receive
    Imran sees foreign hand in Jamrud attack
    ⋅ Saturday, March 28th, 2009 ⋅
    ISLAMABAD (SANA): Strongly condemning Jamrud suicide attack Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has said that the foreign hand was involved in the attack took place in Khyber Agency on Friday.

    In a statement issued here on Friday, he said, “no Muslim could carry out such a brutal action in a House of Prayer”.

    He said that this terrorist act had all the signs of involvement of an external hand attempting to create rift within Pakistanis and further instable the country.

    “The timing of the act is also interesting as it comes in the wake of Obama’s revised strategy for the region which we fear may include increased military action including expanding the target area of drone attacks” Imran added.

    Imran demanded of the government to hold meaningful dialogue with FATA people to bring them into the political and economic mainstream.

    “The rulers have to stop acting as mercenaries for the US on the lure of dollars and move towards restoring national self respect, dignity and Pakistan’s sovereignty” PTI Chairman said.

  2. wow! that’s a little scary

  3. holy shit …

    Rabia, you should have asked for world peace.

    A genocide of Shia Muslims has been taking place in Parachinar and chitral for past one year – just like it has happened in Mizar Sharif and Bamiyan under Taliban in Afghanistan and no media outlet has guts to come out and say it.

    Only CNN reported it as it is.

  4. yeah tazeen, our media is too busy covering long marches and hidden hands to bother about this genocide.

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