Look who I found

While looking at the website of the “current” Nawab of Junagadh, on the picture gallery of Dewans (Prime Ministers) of Junagadh:

Sir Shahnawaz Bhutto!

I’ve always found it amazing how huge the jump between generations is, especially concerning the history of Indian muslims. To think that the son of a Dewan of Junagadh would be the Prime Minister of Pakistan.


2 responses to “Look who I found

  1. Dude are you blogging here or that Pak Blogzine place? Which should I link to?

  2. Rabia

    yeah… sorry for being confusing (I’m a little confused myself). The way it works is that that’s a collaborative blog and this one is just my stuff. Unfortunately they are ending up looking like exact copies of the other since my collaborators have abandoned me. heh.

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