Hafiz Muhammad Saeed Detention Order Expiration Watch

Just a few days ago Rehman Malik was complaining that Pakistan needed more evidence in order to charge Hafiz Muhmmad Saeed presumably to avoid a repeat of June when Saeed was released from house arrest due to lack of evidence.

Today we see that Saeed is back under house arrest. His lawyers are already declaring their intention to challenge the legality of the arrest in the courts.

Now hopefully between Friday and today, some more ‘evidence’ has been produced or this might be be the beginning of yet another Hafiz Muhammad Saeed detention order expiration watch.


4 responses to “Hafiz Muhammad Saeed Detention Order Expiration Watch

  1. Hey,

    This is a great blog. Have you seen Bazm-e-RindaaN? I would love to have you on board, if you’re interested in contributing 🙂

    Butters (author of ‘Yes and No’)

  2. Rabia

    Hey Butters, thanks a lot. I really like your blog as well, really thought-provoking stuff. I haven’t read Bazm-e-RindaaN but I will check it out.

  3. stuka


    Saeed under ‘house arrest’, was Pak army’s iftar guest
    Rajeev Deshpande & Vishwa Mohan, TNN 22 September 2009, 01:07am IST
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    NEW DELHI: Two FIRs against Jamaat-ud-Dawa chief Hafiz Saeed and “restrictions” on his movements may not be more than eyewash. The 26/11
    mastermind remains a valuable “asset” for Pakistan’s military establishment and was an esteemed guest at an iftar hosted by the army’s 10th corps.

    The JuD boss, who is also the head of the terrorist outfit Lashkar-e-Taiba, is understood to have been present at the iftar held on September 12. The 10th corps is headquartered in Rawalpindi and is seen to be responsible for the Kashmir sector with a role in pushing infiltrators across the Line of Control into J&K. The LeT is a major recruiter of jihadis sent into J&K.

    Official sources said the reports about Saeed’s presence at the iftar only indicated how far the Pakistani authorities were from taking action against the man whom India has accused of planning the attacks on Mumbai.

    The JuD chief is seen to be virtually a part of the military-ISI set up and his views can even count in army postings in the sectors that face J&K.

    That the attention focused on Saeed and his LeT, who have been tagged by the UN for their use of terrorism, could not deter military brass from hosting him, is a testimony to his links with the Pakistani establishment.

    On Monday, the Lahore police said Saeed had been confined to his residence on security grounds and was banned from leading Eid prayers. Police have since affirmed that the move was prompted by concern for the JuD chief’s security, and was meant to thwart any “incident” – shorthand for an attack on him. “We are ensuring his security in view of terrorist threats,” an agency quoted Lahore SSP Sohail Sukhera as saying.

  4. ‘House arrest’ dosn’t mean anything. I’ve personally met Hafiz Saeed traveling with an armed ‘mujahid’ escort in Southern Punjab when he was legally under house arrest a couple of years ago. Its simply a way for the Pakistani establishment to save face while not antagonizing the mostly Punjabi based groups who fight in Kashmir and who are still seen by many as strategic assests.

    LET’s fund collecter JUD is back under new pseudonyms such as Falah-e-insaniat foundation

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