Interview with Arif Jamal

I’m reading Shadow War by Arif Jamal. I found an interesting interview he did with the Asia Times in 2001. Well worth reading.

Here’s a youtube video of what looks like a really interesting panel with Steve Coll, Arif Jamal and Basharat Peer:

And here’s an NPR interview with Ahmed Rashid, Arif Jamal and Siddhart Varadarajan of the Hindu.

(Note: I haven’t watched/listened to these yet, there’s a limit to how much slackdom I can practice at work!)

4 responses to “Interview with Arif Jamal

  1. His definition of jihad is restricted to jihad al-asghar. He doesn’t even mention jihad al-akbar. Plus, he doesn’t seem to be aware of the very crucial change in Islamic thought in the twentieth century which shifted the burden of waging holy war from the Islamic state to the individual… Strange lapses in knowledge for a purported expert on jihad.

  2. Rabia


    True… I suppose it’s because his perspective is mainly informed by interviews with militants rather than an academic focus on the theological aspects of Jihad. I mean, one doubts that the cadres of SSP or LeT etc spend much time mulling over the greater Jihad.

    I’m also guessing a lot of people would take issue with Jamal’s pretty categorical claim that, for example, most muslims support the formation of an Islamic state all over the world even if they aren’t willing to practically take part in Jihad.

    He’s an interesting writer!

  3. I’m sorry, but that interview was extremely boring, mainly due to the fact that the interviewer kept asking a variant of the same damn question again and again.

  4. Pradyut J Modi

    The discussion is very much informative. Some times, too much informaiton also results into loosing focus. There are major problems and there are issues moves round these major problems.

    One can not disagree with the fact that issue of moving forward is very challenging. On the issue of having International participations, one thing I noticed is ground realities and some the actuals facts were ignored.

    Too many bad things has happened in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Kashmir. Closing lid on ginnes like: Monster of terorism, nexus of evil elements, large volumes of arms running lose in the region and availability of funding for inhuman couse is next to impossible.

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