GHQ Attack

Just four days ago, Ahmed Rashid was interviewed and said that he thought it was unlikely that the army would be willing to launch a Waziristan operation this close to winter and with the situation on the Eastern border still tense.

It’s amazing how the Peshawar bombing and yesterday’s GHQ attack have changed all that. Today it seemed like every time Rehman Malik made a statement, it started and ended with something like “And this explains why the Army will soon be going into Waziristan”. After yesterday’s GHQ attack, this opinion is being echoed by a lot more people. There are reports that the political and military leadership have come to an agreemnt that the Waziristan operation will soon be started and that the date for it has been finalized

For the last 7-8 hours the army has been set to take a ‘decisive action’ against the terrorists holding the 10-15 people hostage.

So apparently less than a day after the attack started, they have already tracked down the house from which the terrorists planned the attack and responsibility has been assigned to TTP & Hakeemullah Mehsud.

Update: I just saw Hamid Gul being interviewed on Aaj saying that this is clearly an attack by India and this attack is part of a grand strategy to fool Pakistan into moving its troops from its Eastern border, all the while not realizing that India is the enemy on the Western border as well. Oh, and to de-nuclearize Pakistan by the US/Zionist/Hindu lobby.

By the way, it looks like Geo News which was covering the situation in the GHQ was briefly taken off the air.

Aaj is confirming that the attack on the GHQ has turned into a hostage situation in a one-story building in the GHQ.

In the meantime, Syed Muhammad Javed, the ex-commissioner of Malakand who was accused of collaborating with the Taliban during its takeover of Malakand and Buner and who was arrested after the breakdown of the Swat deal in May was quietly released from detention yesterday.


One response to “GHQ Attack

  1. The GHQ attack is seriously startling. In a country where the most secure institution (assumedly now) is fully vulnerable to the terrorista and loses two top-level officials to their attack, one wonders whatever an average man may face on the street.

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