This article by Dilawar Khan Wazir descibes the deaths of:

  1. Local Aman committee leader Ameer Saeed, found beheaded by the side of the road in Mohmand Agency
  2. One day earlier, local Taliban had surrounded his house, fired rockets at it, killed his son, Saeed, and kidnapped the father.
  3. The article also cites the earlier death of Maulana Shehzad, a former Taliban leader and later member of the Aman committee, also in Mohmand.
  4. Rasool Shah, another member of the Mohmand Aman committee
  5. This article in The News describes the death of Malik Shahpur Khan chief of the Mamond Qaumi Lashkar in Bajaur, killed on his way home from Eid prayers.
  6.″>ANP MPA Shamsher Ali Khan and his brother killed by a suicide bomber on the lawn in front of his house.

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