Interesting interview with Gen. Shahid Aziz former chairman NAB

A very interesting interview with General Shahid Aziz former chairman, NAB.
Some points:
1. Of his time as DG ISI analysis wing: he claims not to have been aware of Kargil until after he intercepted some wireless communications from the Indian border of some activity after which he approached the DG ISI who confirmed what was going on to him 2 days before the news went public.
2. Of the Musharraf coup, while he was DGMO he was also not aware of anything in advance. Although he did say that he talked to Gen. Mehmud on the phone who then moved the 111 brigade troops. I guess that was just incidental.
3. Regarding support for the US war on terror he also claims not to have known the extent of Pakistan’s involvement which he describes as Musharraf’s gradual drift from a policy of neutrality to overt support. He especially mentions the use of airports as a unilateral decision taken by Musharraf.
4. He claims that the army is not to blame for the decision of the Musharraf government to join the US war on terror
5. According to him the Afghan war is a jihad against a foreign invader and the terror attacks are being carried out by American agents operating from Afghanistan.
6. In his entire tenure as NAB chairman he did not receive a single corruption complaint against Musharraf
7. He does not believe there should be Parliamentary oversight of NAB – he suggests that a citizens committee should be in control of NAB and the public and media should influence it
8. He believes that corruption is the central problem facing Pakistan and is the root cause of terrorism

A lot of other interesting points, well worth watching if only to show the futility of the idea that the NAB and its corruption investigations can ever be separated from politics.


4 responses to “Interesting interview with Gen. Shahid Aziz former chairman NAB

  1. stuka

    And so the opinion polls shift again, this time against an elected leader. There is great disorder under the heavens and the situation is excellent, so ayeth Mao and Ayaz Amir. And Pakistan is verily fucked, sayeth Stuka.

  2. admin

    ah shit, Ayaz Amir is writing anti-democracy columns again. hahaha… looks like Zardari is truly f@#$ed now.

  3. stuka

    Though I can’t stand AA’s self piteous randi rona, he did go against the flow of public opinion when the brothers Sharifov were deposed. Then again, it could just be his PML N connections.

  4. I don’t think Musharraf could have stood his ground for that long without a strong support of his faithfuls in the army.
    The General’s response to the Afghan/ terrorism issue is exactly what you’d expect of a typical army officer not directly involved in the current army affairs.
    As for NAB’s impartiality, well….that’s too much to ask of an institution which has been actually established for the sole purpose of unveiling ‘certain’ cases of corruption and blackmailing political opponents through that.

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