Local government, MQM and PML-N

An interesting interview of Farooq Sattar in which he mentions that his party and PML-N should have a natural alliance when it comes to supporting elected local government since they are of the industralized, urbanized class.

The interesting thing is that in this article in the Daily Times, it seems that many PML-N leaders have problems with the proposed Punjab Local Government ordinance 2010 currently being pushed by Shahbaz Sharif because it relies too heavily on unelected bureaucrats. In the words of Ayaz Amir:

He [Amir] said that it was ironic that though Gen Musharraf had raised the slogan of “power at the grassroots”, the PML-N government was going to become the one who did away with it.

It looks like in Punjab there is an internal struggle going on within the PML-N between the provincial government’s natural mistrust of local representation and Shahbaz Sharif’s own autocratic tendancies as opposed to the growing realization within the party that elected representation at the grassroots level is a basic necessity in an urbanized society. It will be interesting to see which tendency wins out.

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