"Youm-e-Haya Mubarak" just doesn't have that ring to it, sorry

Continuing in its tradition of opposing everything that is fun, Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba has declared February 14 to be “Youm-e-Haya” to counter the Satanic propaganda of America and Hallmark. Dr. Abdul Wahab, former vice chancellor of Karachi University and current chancellor of Muhammad Ali Jinnah university said

Valentines Day was an attempt by the west to engage the youth in activities that were against the teachings of Islam and that could destroy the character of a large number of our youth if breaks were not applied to such practices.

In the meantime, Jalees Hazir writing in The Nation explains his problem with Valentine’s day:

the problem is not with an international celebration of love, but with the narrow traditions and culture of Valentine’s Day celebrations that mutilate notions about love and attempt to confine this shore-less ocean.

Ah, OK.

In the meantime, apparently “Valentine’s Day In Peshawar” is quite a popular story idea for journalists from foreign news organizations. I did find this video from BBC quite charming though:

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