A ceremonial government

Mao, who famously said: “Our principle is that the Party commands the gun, and the gun must never be allowed to command the Party” would have had a good laugh at the expense of the Pakistani government Today we hear that:

the Pakistan Army has officially clarified that extension in services of lieutenant generals is purely the prerogative of the Army chief and does not need the federal government’s approval

I guess I don’t understand. Officially clarified? What source was the basis of this official clarification? Did some army generals just show members of parliament pictures of army tanks? I mean, what is the basis of this strangely worded legalistic argument? Maybe I’m missing the part of the Pakistani constitution that makes the military the highest pillar of the state, but are we supposed to now accept that constitutionally the Army is not accountable to the federal government?

It looks like Aslam Beg is taking a page from the Chief Justice’s book when he says that:

General Aslam Baig was of the view that the outgoing COAS sends a list of five senior lieutenant-generals to the federal government four months prior to his retirement, and the government can appoint anyone from this list keeping in view the criteria and cannot go beyond this list.

Cannot go beyond this list? Or what? You’ll launch a coup?


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