Rana Sanaullah on his meeting with Ahmed Ludhianvi in his own words

Rana Sanaullah clears away all doubts regarding allegations of his ties to Sipah-e-Sahaba:

Replying to a question about his contacts with a banned religious organisation based in Jhang, Sanaullah said all members of the Jamaatud Dawa and the Sipah-e-Sahaba were not terrorists. He said several Sipah-e-Sahaba members were registered voters in Jhang, and “I met their leader, Muhammad Ahmad Ludhianvi, twice to secure votes for the upcoming by-elections”. He said his political opponents had also met Sipah-e-Sahaba members while campaigning for the by-elections.


2 responses to “Rana Sanaullah on his meeting with Ahmed Ludhianvi in his own words

  1. Muhammad Ghafoor

    Rana Sana-ullah is a real hypocrite. And for every literate person it is quite clear about the relationship of PML N Leadership with different terrorist organisations. The leader of PML N himself accepted twice about his meeting with usama. So this party is widely and clearly involved in supporting the terrorists in pakistan. And specially the minorities like Shia are widely on target by their leaders and thats why tens of thousands of shias and sunnis have killed but not even a single extremist has hung infront of public rather they are given special importance like Ludhyanvi.

  2. asad Jhangvi

    RANA SANA ULLAH . . . . .:-
    after being in touch with Sipah, our majority of Religious public , and purly Islamic-people lie him very much:- I LOVE YOU RANA SAHAB :- aap ne haq ka sath diya , Allah Miyan Roz-e-Akhirat aap ko Surkhuru farmaye. . . . Aameen:-
    it is a miserable situation here, which is created just becoz of negative propaganda by Media, which is ruled mainly by a sect “SHIYA” :- Sipah-e-Sahaba (Rz.A) Pakistan was established immediately after grouping and establishing of ” TEHREEK-E-NIFAAZ-E-FIQAH JAFRIYA”. This Sunni State was becoming Shiya State by militancy of some Militants , who came from Iran just after KHUMENI (malooni) Inqelaab. Alhamdulillah, Sipah opposed their shameful activities and remind Sunnis that whoever Laments and insults our SAHABA KARAAM is not a Muslim, or a worst KAafir.
    may Long live S I P A H – E – S A H A B A P A K I S T A N :-

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