Finally, some balanced analysis

Both Hamid Gul and Mushahid Hussain make some excellent points in this show, which is excellently moderated by Dr. Shahid Masood.

The most important point that both guests agree on is that Pakistan has defeated all countries and emerged as an absolute victor in Afghanistan. However, the present government is not able to take advantage of this victory. According to both of them, the current puppet government lacks the vision and capacity to capitalize on this victory that Pakistan is on the verge of achieving.

Luckily, Hamid Gul is just the man to depend on to capitalize on the US withdrawal. History will remember his conquest of Jalalabad in 1989 as one of Pakistan’s greatest military victories.

The three eminent analysts may disagree on some finer points. For example Hamid Gul became very agitated when Mushahid Hussain mentioned negotiating with India and Shahid Masood kept saying “Saudi Arabia?” with a questioning look on his face and neither Mushahid Hussain nor Hamid Gul seemed to care much for Saudi Arabia’s role in the future of Afghanistan. But at least they are all on the same page – they all have the same nuanced and sensible view of reality that is completely lacking among our so-called politicians AKA feudal western puppets. I am 100% sure that they, along with the enlightened future leadership of Afghanistan that they support will find a way to resolve any minor disputes that they have and come up with a peaceful dispensation.

For example, Hamid Gul is confident that the Taliban who are currently “angry” with Pakistan (understandably, since Pakistan has betrayed the Taliban so many times since 9/11) will soon come around to Pakistan’s point of view. That makes a lot of sense to me.


3 responses to “Finally, some balanced analysis

  1. Such remakrable insight!! I am absolutely baffled at the astute analysis of the two gentlemen. And of course, I hope Sir Hamid Gul would soon be negotiating the terms of Islamic Brotherhood with our angry Taliban brethern, who, afterall, are our own lot. 😉
    PS. Hazrat Zaid Hamid can be very effective in facilitating such efforts since we need alliances urgently for the about-to-be Ghazwat-ul-Hind which’d now happen anyday 😀

  2. Publius

    As a non muslim I am greatly impressed with the manly character and appearance of these world conquerors and eminent analysts.

    That you failed to remark upon such facts, however, is no complaint against you. It only highlights your befitting modesty and bashfulness as a pious young right wing muslim woman.

    May you be an inspiration to all your sisters.

  3. Tilsim

    Hamid Gul’s projection on these media channels is a perfect example of why we are in such a mess today. His grandiose ideas and arrogance deserve challenge not polite acceptance.

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