Sadness at Balkanization

Today I felt immense sadness at the prospect of the impending Balkanization of Pakistan. All the foreign powers are lining up to nail the final nail into the coffin of this country and our mindless elite are so involved in celebrating kufr like Basant or shirk like so called “Eid e Milad un Nabi” that they can’t be even slightly bothered to counter the disgusting allegations of Afghan Intelligence Agency (called RAM… LOL WHAT AN APPROPRIATE NAME) against Jamaat-ut-Dawa which is a patriotic charity organization.

I also watched this youtube interview in 5 parts of brave son of the soil Maulana Azam Tariq (Shaheed), aired on PTV in the 1990s when Pakistan was not such a Slave Nation and was able to properly honour its heroes on public television. After that I left some comments on some kafir shia videos on youtube. If we can’t stop our country from crumbling to foreign powers we can at least do something about fifth columnists within our borders.


2 responses to “Sadness at Balkanization

  1. Saim

    Did this blog just get hacked or something?

  2. takhalus

    this reminds me of the star trek episode mirror universe..

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