What did Nawaz Sharif say on March 1?

Given the huge amount of media attention being given to the PML-N’s use of stolen electricity on the night of March 1, it might be useful to take a look at the contents of Nawaz Sharif’s speech:


Of course no one is supporting or defending the use of stolen electricity but perhaps Nawaz Sharif’s aggressive – and very true – statements about the destructive role of military in politics has contributed to the extreme anger displayed towards PML-N by many prominent anchors in recent days such as Javed Chaudhry and Talat Hussain. Talat Hussain has even dedicated one entire show on March 5 to attacking PML-N Punjab government.

This incident should also serve as a reminder to PML-N that at the end of the day many prominent members of the media have loyalty to no one but themselves and the establishment and will act like attack dogs for hire whenever necessary.

Thanks to Aamir Mughal who made this point in a comment on an earlier post on LUBP.

(btw, my rather pointless experiment of the last few posts is over)


One response to “What did Nawaz Sharif say on March 1?

  1. takhalus

    so how was your trip through the mirror darkly ?

    the thought did occur to me that Nawaz was very tough on the establishment in his speech and that may have played a role in the backlash.

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