Democracy, Jihad, Nukes… and let’s ignore the sound of that huge bomb that just went off.

On a day when an enormous bomb just blew up in the middle of Model Town, speakers at Alhamra in Lahore, commemorating the death anniversary of Nawai Waqt founder Hamid Nizami reaffirmed the three “jeems” of Pakistani nationalism – “Jamhooriyat, Jihad aur Jauhari Salahiyat”.

Speakers included Qazi Hussain Ahmed, who lambasted the bombing of the house of former JI MNA Haroon ur Rashid and blamed everything on Pakistan’s support of the US war; Imran Khan who bemoaned English medium education and praised Majeed Nizami as:

the commander-in-chief of the forces who were fighting for safeguarding the ideological boundaries of Pakistan and PTI is standing behind him in this fight.

Hameed Gul also spoke, saying that a “soft Islamic revolution” was inevitable.

Nadeem F. Paracha has a very timely article today in Dawn titled “Wake Up Punjab”. The following lines could very well have been written about this very conference:

Although it has been ravaged and broken by extremist terrorism for over two years now, political parties strong in the Punjab (such as the PMLN), the Punjabi-dominant electronic media, and fringe Punjab-based politicos such as Imran Khan have simply refused to acknowledge reality.

Still operating from the fanciful high pedestal of a superiority complex, a bulk of urban Punjab and its leadership continues to live in a stunning, air-tight state of denial.

One wonders what, if anything, will cause these lunatics at this conference reaffirming Jihad and Islamic revolution as central to Pakistan’s future and sovereignty to re-assess these principles.


One response to “Democracy, Jihad, Nukes… and let’s ignore the sound of that huge bomb that just went off.

  1. I cant stand Imran Khan. He is the biggest hypocrite this nation has ever produced.

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