The death of Mufti Saeed Jalalpuri

Mufti Saeed Jalalpuri, the Ameer of Alami Majlis e Tahaffuz e Khatm e Nabuwat has been gunned down in Karachi.

The really interesting thing here is that for the last year or so he had been embroiled in the controversy over whether or not Zaid Hamid is/was an apostate (as a followers of Yusuf Ali). Mufti Saeed Jalalpuri was firmly convinced that he was and had apparently just issued a fatwa against Zaid Hamid in which he promised to pursue the same legal steps against Hamid which his organization had previously pursued against Yusuf Ali (i.e. the death sentence for blasphemy).

This blogger has a really interesting series of posts in which he managed to question both Zaid Hamid and Mufti Saeed Jalalpuri on their respective opinions of each other.

From his interview of Mufti Saeed Jalalpuri:

Q: Did some one from AMTKN or Ulema Karam actively participate in the case against Yusuf Kazab?
A: Obviously ! the case was registered by Maulana Muhammad Ismail Shuja Abadi on the directions of quaideen of AMTKN

Here is the 2000 Sessions court verdict against Yousuf Ali:

What can one say at such an incident except that it’s difficult to say which side is more despicable? One can have no sympathy for someone like Mufti Saeed Jalalpuri and his organization who have been proudly involved with supporting the death penalty for individuals who they consider to be apostates. And now he has been gunned down most likely by supporters of an individual who he worked to destroy in the same way as he actively and successfully worked to destroy Yusuf Ali.

And Zaid Hamid himself is no better. Khawer Khan has posted videos of Zaid Hamid’s comments on the Yusuf Ali controversy. At the end of his statement he expresses the hope that when there is a genuine Islamic system in Pakistan, his critics will meet their just reward in a Sharia Court (presumably the same punishment that was meted out to Yousuf Ali). Today, possibly Zaid Hamid or one of his followers seem to have pre-emptively carried out their version of “justice” of Mufti Saeed Jalalpuri.

The saddest part of all of this is that Zaid Hamid’s recent decline in popularity is not because people have realized that the man is insane or espouses a frightening and fascist form of nationalism. No, it’s because of his association with Yousuf Ali. Just look at what this little twerp, a member of the organizing committee of Wake Up Lahore, has to say about Zaid Hamid:

Attention Team BrassTacks and ZH:

I’ve been following all news and views on the current controversy about blasphemy,your reoinder videos on youtube,fatawa of ulama like Israr Ahmed Sahb and the deceased Maulana Jalalpuri, your profile updates,blogs regarding the history of brasstacks,your participation in Afghan Jihad etc. I have close friends in NWFP who,frankly, view you as a new charm offensive of the military establishment to popularise the notion of strategic depth among the youth from affluent families in the big cities of Pakistan.I’ve read Maulana Jalalpuri’s fatwa against you too.refer

Your ‘mission’ as you keep repeating goes on the backburner when you confront people who accuse you for following Yusuf.However, I guess by now you know me personally,since I’ve written in newspapers,supported your vision,organised WakeUp Lahore and tried playing your ‘defender’ in university gossip too!

Listen,Zaid Sahb, it is in the supreme interest of your campaign,the dream for Qaid’s Pakistan as well as the desire of all your ardent supporters like me, that you do the following:

1. Proclaim, for the last time, in the clearest of terms, that you DO NOT endorse any views of Yusuf Ali aka Yusuf Kazab if they amount to blasphemy as suggested by various ulema.
2. That you curse in public all those involved in blasphemy, and particularly Yusuf Kazzab(if he proclaimed prophethood,which YOU might not be sure of,but the ulema claim)!
3. That you do ‘toba’ in public IF u’d deliberately or undeliberately ever involved in anything closely related to blasphemy.

I would be waiting for a reply-and I would suggest all 40,000 or so fans of Zir Zaid Zaman to request the same of him. Otherwise, im afraid, I would NEVER get carried away with mere rhetoric!


I mean, is there anything more despicable than an individual who jumps onto the Zaid Hamid bandwagon only to abandon it because he considers Zaid Hamid to be a blasphemer?!

Here’s a clip of JUI Ulema blaming Zaid Hamid for Jalalpuri’s death:

2 responses to “The death of Mufti Saeed Jalalpuri

  1. @Rabia, excellent article. I am a bit sceptic about the date on which the AMTKN issues this fatwa against ZH. There is no date on the fatwa itself which appears unusual to me.

  2. Rabia

    yeah almost everything about this controversy is suspicious… have you seen this site that has suddenly emerged from nowhere and is posting day and night on the ‘fitna’ of Zaid Hamid. Who knows who these people are or who is backing them.

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