Terrorism is not merely the failure of political leadership.

There is a tendency among the more sophisticated right-wing to discuss issues of counter-terrorism capacity and political dysfunction with absolutely no discussion of the actual origins and motivations of the terrorists. In this clip Talat Hussain spends a few minutes shouting about the dysfunction at the provincial and federal level and then adds “the terrorists are ready, of course” implying that they are some kind of force of nature that will show up whenever politicians are dysfunctional enough and that the root cause is the political dysfunction itself.

We’ve already established that Talat Hussain assiduously avoids laying any blame at the military’s door for anything. Fine. But he goes beyond that, he refuses to discuss terrorism as anything but a failure of security. To give General Tariq Khan and retired AVM Shahzad Chaudhry their due, they are two of the only pro-establishment public figures who have discussed the phenomenon of extremism in society, the fact that it’s the root cause of the terrorism, and the need to counter it. For all these other idiots, terrorism is just something that creeps onto the scene when Salmaan Taseer and Shahbaz Sharif’s fights get out of control.

The irony of this situation is that there is actually one area in which the civilian leadership is most certainly culpable in contributing to the growth of terrorism and that is PML-N’s recent patronage of Sipah-e-Sahaba. Would be interesting to see Talat Hussain do a show on this topic, but I doubt it since that would involve discussing how a terrorist organization holds the key to PP-82 Jhang, a deeply troubling situation which cannot be discussed without a discussion of the origins of extremism and the grip it has on our unfortunate society and ofcourse we wouldn’t want to see Talat Hussain’s brain explode all over the TV studio now would we.


2 responses to “Terrorism is not merely the failure of political leadership.

  1. Stuka

    Right wingers are the biggest proponents of discussing the “root cause” of terror, as long a it applies to their opponents.

  2. /see Talat Hussain’s brain explode all over the TV studio/

    That, I would pay to watch 😀

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