Disco in Pakistan

Early disco – Ko ko Korina from the film Armaan (1966) starring Waheed Murad:

Punjabi disco – Disco dildar mera from Dhi Rani (1985) by Noor Jahan, the actress is Shahida Mini:

Naheed Akhtar ‘Jise dehko maange disco’ from the film Nadaani starring Babita:

Ismail Tara in fifty-fifty skit “Disco Chor”:

Disco Dewane – Nazia and Zoheb Hassan (1981):

Disco Dewane – Babra Sharif from the movie Sangdil (1982):

‘Disco Premee’ by Runa Laila from her disco album Superuna (1982) (this is actually Bangladeshi since Runa Laila was Bangladeshi by then):

Naheed Akhtar – Main chand khwab sajaloon from Miss Bangkok (1986) with Babra Sharif:

Hasan Jahangir – Hawa Hawa (live performance):

I honestly don’t know what genre this amazing song falls under, but I must include it – Jugni by Saleem Jawed from somewhere in the 90s:

and finally this clip of Alamgir singing Ko Ko Korina live:

By the way, Alamgir is really ill and you can help him with his medical bills by buying an autographed CD from his website. I bought one and it took a few months, but it did eventually arrive in the mail.


4 responses to “Disco in Pakistan

  1. Stuka

    Disco deewane was standard fare at all Indian Armed Forces parties during the early 80s. Also Aao Na, Pyar Karein. I still remember those big LPs with Nazia and Zoheb Hassan on the cover. Pakistani music then disappeared for a few years and made it’s reentry in Indian Army messes with Hawa Hawa by Hassan Jahangir.

    Waisey, who says that cultural exchanges lead to understanding and peace? It’s no as if the Indian Army became pro-pak after listenigto Pakistani pop music 🙂

  2. tlw

    Now that all fahashi evidence of immoral deeskoo dan-sing have been collected in one place, we can send a brave mard-e-momin to eliminate this evil influence from our pure pure land.

    A Fedayeeee hamla on you shortly shall come Grand Trunk Road. And thus will go the Deesco Dansing!

  3. tlw

    Anybody remember when they’ld mangle disco’s pure bell-bottomed name?

    Sigh – old us.

  4. grandtrunkroad

    haha yeah, that noor jahan song alone has probably caused at least 1 bomb blast in divine vengeance.

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