Why are people concluding that the UN Commission report only ascribes “Security Lapse” to the Musharraf Government?

I strongly urge people to read the entire report, especially the parts describing the events after Benazir Bhutto’s death. The report does not only blame the Musharraf government for not providing security to Benazir Bhutto. There is a detailed description of CPO Saud Aziz’s role in the prevention of the autopsy; the mysterious removal of BB’s body to the airport while they were supposedly waiting for family permission to perform the autopsy; SP Khurram Shehzad and CPO Saud Aziz’s role in the hosing down of the murder scene; CPO Saud Aziz’s role in impeding the JIT’s investigations into the case; The ISI’s control over the evidence that the JIT had access to; the fact that the JIT’s head Abdul Majeed deliberately prevented the other members of the JIT (who belonged to the FIA) from carrying out their investigations in a proper maanner; the washing of Benazir’s vehicle.

All along, while describing Saud Aziz’s actions, the point is stressed that in the Commission’s opinion Saud Aziz could not have been acting independently. The report even mentions DG MI Nadeem Ijaz Khan by name, specifically when suggesting who could have given Saud Aziz the go ahead to authorize SP Khurram Shehzad to hose down the scene of crime.

There is no basis for the conclusion that the report merely ascribe the blame for security lapse to the Musharraf government. People who are saying this have either not read the report, or are deliberately interested in covering up the extent to which the report blames the Musharraf government and the Punjab police for their role in the murder.

The Dawn headline says it like it is, and I applaud them for that: UN blames Musharraf govt for Benazir Bhutto’s murder.


One response to “Why are people concluding that the UN Commission report only ascribes “Security Lapse” to the Musharraf Government?

  1. TLW

    Wait, Wait, Wait!

    We all remember how by December 2007 Musharraf was slowly losing his mind and even beginning to look semi-paralysed. After 27 December his face looked physically paralysed.

    The question dear Grand Trunk Road, is who “within” the Pakistan government authorised Benazir’s murder.

    Which faction of the Pakistani state or it’s fellow travellers from point PML-Q rightwards, ordered and organised BB’s assassination?

    That is the question.

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