You have to admire Kayani

– He fully grasped what a disaster the UN Commission Report could be for the military if not handled correctly right now
– He pre-empted any possible criminal investigation into Nadeem Ijaz Ahmed or any serving military officers
– He made a deal with Gilani who he knows is willing to compromise in exchange for more “trust” from the establishment (note how the media and Supreme Courts have obligingly stepped up attacks on the Sharifs in the last few days).
– He’s going to be the first COAS who allows a probe into a serving military officer
– He’s going to be able to cleanse the military of all bad association with the Musharraf brand
– By allowing the probe on his own terms, he’s going to get the credit for bringing the BB killers to justice



2 responses to “You have to admire Kayani

  1. Zainab Ali

    It seems that our leaders are now committed to change the circumstances in our country. If this investigation is completed unbiased then surely it will help in bringing the real culprits to justice.

  2. ali hamdani

    The real culprits must be brought to justice as this is the only way the situation of the country is going to change. The terrorists and the people igniting chaos in the community must be punished severely.

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