No progress in talks – what a shock

So can we just agree now that there can never be any progress in India-Pakistan talks until the military is back in power because the aim of the military’s foreign policy is complete control of the government and until that’s achieved, it’s obvious there can be no peace with India that’s acceptable to the security establishment?

In this situation, a civilian government has two options. 1) Go rogue like Nawaz Sharif with Vajpayee or Asif Zardari at the Hindustan times summit. At that point, the government can expect a ‘munh toR jawab’ from the security establishment (Kargil / Mumbai) followed by a complete withdrawal of support from all levels of society thanks to the plausible deniability problem or 2) do a Salman Bashir and simply act like a troll displaying absolutely no intention of any kind of willingness to talk about anything substantial

Notwithstanding India’s insistence on action against Jamaat-ud-Dawa chief Hafiz Saeed, Pakistan was today non-committal on action against the mastermind of Mumbai attacks and several other terror strikes in India.

“Same old beaten track,” said Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi when asked for his response to India’s repeated demand that action should be taken against Saeed in connection with Mumbai attacks.

He said Saeed was arrested twice by Pakistan government but courts let him off “because in the eyes of the judicial process, the evidence against him was not strong enough to keep him locked up. That is a legal process. You have an independent judiciary, so do we.”

Asked whether Pakistan was making any efforts to collect evidence against Saeed in connection with terror activities so that he could be tried, Mr. Qureshi vaguely said, “Pakistan has, is and will continue to try and collect evidence against any terrorist. We do not want our soil to be used against anyone.”

Queried whether it meant that even Saeed would not be allowed to use Pakistani soil against India, he repeated, “anyone… anyone means anyone.”

He, however, refused to name Saeed specifically despite being asked whether it included Saeed.

“How can you arrest someone on hearsay?” was the response of Pakistan Foreign Office spokesman Abdul Basit when asked why Pakistan was not taking action against Saeed.

Claiming that Pakistan had “done enough” in punishing Saeed, Mr. Basit said he was detained twice but was released. “We have an independent and fair judiciary as is the case in India.”

India has given a lot of material to Pakistan detailing Saeed’s involvement in various terror activities in India.

Pakistan, however, keeps saying that it was not enough.

Agitated over this attitude of Pakistan, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh recently said there was no need to give any more material about Saeed’s terror involvement as proof against him, even that gathered by American agencies, was already in public domain.


3 responses to “No progress in talks – what a shock

  1. Sher Zaman

    It is true that the decision given by the court should be regarded by the government and its allied departments. If Mr. Saeed’s involvement had been proven, the authorities would have taken action against him, but that’s not the case and our neighbor must understand this.

  2. Mansoor Khalid

    The talks need to produce results and the people of both countries want an end to the disputes. Both these countries have been a victim of terrorist activities and can help each other overcome this issue.

  3. ali hamdani

    with time there will be progrsse. There is a silver lining behind every cloud. At the current time Pakistan faces a time of uncertainity and terrorism is to be blame solely for this situation. Any person involved in this case must be punished so that it is a lesson for all producing violence in the country.

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